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Product Name: Transmission Line Status Online Monitoring Platform Management System

Product Model:TLKS-PMG-PMS

Product Remarks: Recommended New Product - Transmission Line Status Online Monitoring Platform Management System

Product Category: High Voltage Transmission Lines Online Monitoring Series

First, comprehensive overview

The construction of transmission line on-line monitoring system should follow the principles of advanced, practical, economic, and high efficiency. Accurate monitoring and analysis methods and practical mathematical models should be adopted to provide early warning information before the disaster. The monitoring master consists of a receiving module, an analysis processing module and a display module. External network access can be used, including front-end machine, database and graphical interface software and other functions. The software mainly includes server software, data analysis software and browsing software. The receiving module, the analysis processing module and the display module are deployed in a designated position, and the data receiving module receives the data transmitted by the GPRS/CDMA/3G via the public network.

1, platform type

Transmission line anti-breakout monitoring system management platform

1.1 Client Functions

The client is composed of a monitor and a player. The monitor is used to browse and manage images in real time. The player is used to play back stored image files. The monitor software is used to log in to the image server site. The multi-screen image browsing monitoring can be realized and multi-sites can be provided at the same time. Server) login, image parameter control, PTZ control, logical grouping and group round robin

1.2 Client Software Features

Well-designed user-friendly user interface for easy operation and comfort

Multi-site login, connection

Multi-screen browsing, different specifications screen monitoring, full-screen multi-window, single window mode

User-defined lens grouping, group wheel skip browsing, can set round jumping time

Support disconnection, you can set the maximum network delay

Supports remote control of image encoder parameters

Support remote control of camera pan/tilt PTZ on the image encoder side

Support event notification, alarm output.

Transmission Line Three-span Image Monitoring System Management Platform

Second, the system principle

The three-span image monitoring system for transmission lines adopts the BS architecture. The client is in the form of web page access. It does not need to install additional software, and takes image monitoring as the core. It constantly pays attention to the potential safety hazards under the transmission lines and takes into account the circuit inspection function. Staff use computers at the monitoring center, or use smart phones and 4G Internet notebooks in the field to check whether there are any illegal operations under the transmission lines at any time and place, and reduce the workload of the inspection personnel. Transmission line three-span image monitoring system mainframe will be industrial high-definition camera image data and other line data, after digital, compression encoding, through 4G/GPRS/CDMA wireless network, power network sent to the monitoring center, in the monitoring center on the image signal Decoding, you can see the live image captured by the camera is displayed on the screen.

Third, transmission line data monitoring system

3.1 Data Types

Image, galloping, line temperature, dip, ice, weather, sag data, etc.

3.2 System Functions

Photo display, data display, user management, device management, alarm management, electronic maps, chart management, platform access, storage management.


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