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Floor C-9, Area C, Precision Industry Park, Qingfeng Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Release Date : 2018/3/27

Salary treatment


Effective date : One year


2 people (Male or female)

Job Requirements

First, job requirements

1.Graduated from related majors such as electronics, mechanical electronics, etc.; skilled in using Word, excel and other office software, skilled in computer operation;

2. Routine work can be accomplished with proper guidance from the superior supervisor and given work schedule;

3. Being honest, hard-working, strong communication skills and logical thinking skills, strong analytical skills; good negotiation skills, bargaining, and price negotiation.

4. The driver will give priority.

Second, job responsibilities

1. Assist in coordinating with the department head of procurement, update and improve the procurement work and process;

2. Carry out the screening, inspection, procurement, delivery and quality assurance of articles required by other companies and customers such as raw materials;

3, enter all kinds of information on the procurement of goods, the preparation of various types of procurement documents, timely updates and amendments and make certain additions, archives form a systematic management;

4. Actively communicate with various departments to understand the demand situation in time and better control costs.


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