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Transmission line three-span video monitoring device


Product Name: Three-span video monitoring device for transmission lines

Product Model:TLKS-PMG-100C

Product Note: Recommended New Product - Three-span video monitoring device for transmission lines

Product Category: High Voltage Transmission Lines Online Monitoring Series

I. Product Overview

The “three-span” power transmission line refers to the overhead transmission line section that spans high-speed railways, expressways, and important transmission channels. Our company has designed and developed a three-span video monitoring device for transmission lines to prevent accidents such as tower collapse, disconnection, and string dropping in the “three spans” and to prevent major public safety and grid security incidents caused by “three spans”. In the “three-span” design, construction, and transportation inspection management, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed in March 2016 the “Three-Span Major Anti-Accident Measures for Overhead Transmission Lines” and the corresponding technical specifications.

Second, the working principle

Transmission line three-span video monitoring device collects analog video signals through the video monitoring host, and then digitalizes the video compression. Finally, the 4G Netcom wireless network transmission module sends pictures and videos to the video monitoring server in a P-packet mode. The monitoring server and monitoring client are installed on PCs equipped with remote monitoring server software and client software respectively. They are all connected to the Internet. Since the video monitoring host does not have a fixed P address, the client actively browses the monitoring image. And set monitoring parameters are transferred through the server. The monitoring center monitors and monitors the site conditions of each monitoring site in real time through the image monitoring client. The maintenance monitoring personnel analyzes and compares the video and picture data sent from the site. If there is an abnormal warning message, immediate response is made. To ensure the safety of high voltage lines.

Third, product features

1. Support the requirements of enterprise interface B of "Grid Video Surveillance System and Interface" and support access to the unified video platform of the intranet;

2, support for dynamic adjustment of the resolution and frame rate, and according to the network to achieve dynamic adjustment and return

3, support night vision function to meet the needs of night monitoring, night vision is turned on by remote control, interface with the unified video platform to do docking;

4, support front-end 24-hour continuous recording function, video recording using a cyclic cover (ie, storage space after the full coverage of the automatic coverage of early video files) storage capacity can meet more than 5 days of historical video requirements

5, support video retrieval and access, the main station system can retrieve and call the front end of different time recording

6, support PTZ control functions, PTZ supports up, down, left, right movement and step, speed and other control; lens support zoom control;

7, support NTP agreement school time

Fourth, technical parameters

1, 1/3 progressive cCD, 18x optical zoom

2, ultra-low illumination, up to 0.01|UX

3, megapixel high-definition video output: ≥ 1920 × 1080p

4. The video signal conforms to the SMPTE-292M standard and the maximum transmission rate is 1.485Gbps

5, in line with Hdcctv1.0 standard

6, support for image mirroring, image freeze

7, support for box zoom, smart compass display

8, a variety of wide dynamic mode options, wide dynamic range up to 128X

9, support power off restart to restore a specific preset position

10, at the same time with hardware pull address and soft address, easy to install and debug the product

11, support hardware and software baud rate adjustment

12, support for fast video format matching, to solve the misoperation caused by the front-end video mismatch

13, with surge protection and lightning protection, surge voltage up to 4KV


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