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Bentley Kang "three cross" video monitoring device installed in the Shaanxi high speed rail line segment!

The "three span" of transmission lines refers to the overhead transmission lines across high-speed railways, highways and important transmission channels.

Recently, the technical engineers of the Shaanxi power supply company have installed and debugged the "three span" video monitoring device of the transmission lines in the Shaanxi high speed rail section under its jurisdiction. The "three span" video monitoring device was developed by our company to prevent "three span" tower, broken line, string drop and other power accidents. It is in line with the requirements and technical specifications of the "overhead transmission line" three span "major anti accident measures" by the Power Grid Corp in March, two 0, 16.

After nearly two hours of installation and commissioning, all the installation works have been completed, and the equipment has been put into operation. After returning to the power supply company, the technical personnel check the equipment through the platform software, all work is normal, which represents the Shaanxi power supply company using our "three span" video monitoring device to further improve the management security level of the high speed rail section, to ensure the safety and stability of the three cross lines and the high speed rail.

The video monitoring device of this installation realizes the visual real-time monitoring of the running situation of the overhead transmission line across the high speed railway, and sets up the equipment through the backstage software platform, so that the video data related to the high speed railway and the surrounding environment of the line below the line are adopted at fixed point, and the remote wireless network is used. Collateral Monitoring Center for monitoring and control personnel for analysis and comparison, so as to find the abnormal situation in time to respond to the corresponding emergency treatment, fundamentally improved the level of power supply management. Therefore, the relevant leaders of the power supply company are very satisfied with our equipment and services.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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